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Dear friend,

You study all the info you hear about woman's sexuality. You sample all the "How to Make Her Orgasm" volumes and articles, one right after another. You learned that around half seemed successful to a point, some read like complete hogwash, and almost 7% really know what they are speaking about.

In reality ...

... Zero of them worked to produce eye-rolling orgasms - EVERY TIME. And why is that ...

... Because most all books and articles boil down to intercourse and clitoral arousal for climaxes. But in the real world, the G-spot controls the crucial key - NOT the clit.

Here are some distressing stats:

55% of adult females on a regular basis put forth phony orgasms with their lovers (She fibs, saying she experienced "awesome sex").

Fewer than 27% of adult females regularly feel an orgasm ... that means 73% of adult females never orgasm with their mate!

After you expose the mysteries of the G-spot (some secrets I discovered from a butch friend of mine), you discover, that she likes the romance of a relationship ... but ...

... she needs sexual release.

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  • How to master the most important piece of it all...getting a woman to completely relax her body and mind! Without it, most women just can't have an orgasm at all, even if they're trying by themselves.

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  • Why the most common sex position doesn't do a darn thing for her - unless you "arouse" her G-spot (if she were in charge, this sexual position probably would be outlawed).

  • Discover the pinnacles of her sexual gratification ---and yours.

  • Two methods for taking her to out-of-this-universe with pleasure and, more significant, where to apply each tactic (using the right method in the wrong place causes more pain than pleasure ... take that as a warning!)

  • How you will know when she experiences one of those squirting orgasms (once you understand these signs you'll be in awe of what she does).

  • Of the two types of orgasms, which one will you make happen first? (perhaps you have a hard time giving her the experience either type of orgasm ... ).

  • Squirting ...fact or fiction? FACT. Most woman can squirt. do it but legions more can than do . She paints the ceiling with ejaculate using this technique.

  • Ecstasy through "Edging," the private weapon of top-grade lovers... Once you go from good-to-great with everything else in this volume, master the stunning advanced method of edging ... Her multiple mind-blowing orgasms leave her trembling and shaking.

  • Sex secrets men with ED need to know (hint: it's significant if you know what you're doing but it's critical if you remain thick-skulled and rely on chance to get her eyes rolling back in her head).

  • Sexy,Kinky Things To Drive Your Lover Wild. Once you've got your skills up into the realm of elite lovers then it's time to upgrade the heat, the passion and the kink of your lovemaking sessions with her. Take some time with her and look through the nerve-tingling ideas found inside. Pure Inspiration...

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“Two G-spots are more fun than one”

“My girlfriend bought your book. We both read it, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but we decided to try it. What happened next is something I will never forget. It took us a couple of times to perfect the Method but it works well on both of us. Not only does one of us benefit with this Method we both do! We managed to work out a situation where we can have G-Spot Orgrasms together using either our fingers on each other or using a double-ended dildo.

This was the best thing that has ever happened to us. What is even more amazing is that before this I swore the G-Spot did not even exist. Neither of us had the pleasure of experiencing anything like it. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent information.”

Shawna and Robbee


“This was amazing. I am multi-orgasmic as it is, and it really doesn’t take much to bring me to an orgasmic state. When my husband brought this information to me, we were interested in trying this to see how it would work for us. Things did work well. In fact, I will admit I had 26 orgasms that night in a span of the two hours we were messing around.

I pass it on whenever I can. I know many of my female friends are impressed with the results. If the women were multi-orgasmic they state that it feels great, but they are not quite as amazed as the women that were used to only one orgasm per evening.”



“First off, let me start by saying that I do not know how to thank you enough. This Method has changed my life. My sex life was good before, but this is just ridiculous. We use the Method regularly and in many different positions. After he warms me up with his magic fingers, I get off by him doing me doggy style. Fun! This Method has turned me into a nymphomaniac for sure LOL.

The sensations are incredibly hard to describe. The feelings stretch from my toes all the way to the top of my head. My body tingles and I explode in pleasure. Once the first G-Spot Orgasm hits, I am lost in the sensations. I reach at least 20 G-Spot Orgrams per night, but have had many more when we have longer love sessions. I have had a chance to use this with more than one sex partner and it works with all of them – I leave your book laying around the living room table. Only problem is that some men are harder to train than others :o).

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful Method with the world. Now that I have learned how to master it I seriously could not imagine living without this pleasure in my life!”

Gail K.

“Tried it … loved it”

“I knew from the moment I found out about this Method that I wanted to try it. However, as a single woman I did not know when I would be able to try it out. I tried with my own fingers but the positioning made it hard to reach. I decided to buy a G-Spot vibrator and had excellent results with that, but obviously, that is only a close second to a warm, masculine body. There is a big difference between a man making love to you and a vibrator giving you Orgasms.

I am writing this today because I finally got a chance to experience it first hand (LOL). Wow! I never imagined anything so fulfilling! I was lucky enough to meet someone that actually knew this Method, and laughed when I told him that I wanted to try it. He tied me down so that I could not get away and he spent the entire evening exploring my body. I had 25 Orgasms from G-Spot manipulation alone! This is not including the other orgasms I had that night.

This is fabulous! I do not know how I used to live with only one orgasm!”

Cathy L.

“Wow, this is better than fun!”

“I am a middle-aged man in a relationship with a woman around my age. We have been together for a few years. While she is willing and able to accommodate me sexually, she usually does not reach climax.

I felt like I tried everything to make her orgasm, then I read about the G-Spot Orgasm Method. I approached her about it and let her read your book. She was skeptical, but said we should try it. I had never tried this before so I spent some time warming her up – first we showered together, then a massage, then kissing and nibbling. She started panting, moaning and writhing around, getting more and more excited at my touch, I did not stop. I slowly started caressing her pussy – eventually inserting two fingers and rubbing the G-spot.

When she said she had to urinate, she seemed uncomfortable and wanted to stop. However, I would not quit toying with the G-Spot. She almost forced me off her, but then the sensation kicked in! She not only had one G-gasm, she had four! The rate and the frequency of G-gasms increase with each love making session. The most she has ever had in one night has been 17, which is so incredible!
Every chance I get, I pass on your Method. I only hope it helps people as much as it has helped us.”

Matt S.

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